Indiana Beagle

Growing up with Peanuts, I always thought it was awesome that Snoopy was so many different characters (WWII flying ace, world famous doctor, lawyer, etc.) that I wanted to create an illustration of my own with Snoopy as famed archeologist Indiana Beagle. Following the humorous style of Schulz, I made Charlie Brown's head the giant rolling boulder.

He's That Cool
With this picture I wanted to enhance some of my shading and lighting techniques using everyone's favorite beagle.

Go Dash, Go A fan of "The Incredibles," I felt the Incredi-kids would give me a great way to develop my art media skills in new ways. With Dash I was able to create an image that literally seems to be moving on the page.

A Touch of Violet With Violet, I was able to do additional work on lighting. She was hand-drawn and the purple force field is created purely by Jasc Paintshop.

Indiana Jones and the Devil's EyeAn Indiana Jones enthusiast, this piece was an awesome challenge. I used three different styles of cartooning to create Indy, including one of my own, the Kim Possible (KP) style and a more realist style.

Dreams to Dream When I was young, one of my favorite movies was Steven Spielberg's "American Tail: Fievel Goes West." The picture above is from one of my favorite scenes in the movie where Fievel's sister Tanya sings.

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow I've always loved the Disney series "Kim Possible," mostly for the message the show represents. The show always made me laugh and the art style presented a challenge to me. This picture is one of my best and favorites that I drew as a thank you to all of the friends and followers I had made on the DeviantArt social network for all of their support.

Bedtime Pals Always wanting to diversify in my creative ability, I decided to draw a few pieces of one of the show's lesser developed characters, Joss Possible. I usually don't do "girly" creative work, so this gave me a chance to expand my horizons some and be a little more "cute and cuddly."


With this piece I completely replicated a background from the series from scratch. Personally, I like mine a little better!

Last Train to Clarksdale

For this last one I wanted to enhance my ability to do multiple frames and do more of a story element than just a single picture.

Til the End of the Night My last picture you see is one I did as a profile picture of myself for DeviantArt. At one point in college, my nickname was Phantom Diver. This was mostly because everyone knew I was a scuba diver and I was known for disappearing and reappearing as if out of nowhere (odd, but true).

The above characters are (C) of Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, United Featured Syndicate, Inc., and the Walt Disney Co. No financial gain is derived from their use in these artworks and are solely used for artistic expression. The exact artwork is (C) Andrew M. Scott.